At Berco, the supplier management system plays a determining role in ensuring that the company’s objectives, especially those regarding customer satisfaction, are achieved. The Berco supply chain management system centres on the sharing of common goals amongst all the Group’s companies and making concerted efforts to sustain the brand’s competitive edge at a global level whilst at the same time guaranteeing quality.

Berco’s Procurement Division selects, evaluates and manages its suppliers not only according to objective needs, quality, price, competitiveness and service criteria, but also by virtue of their ability to maintain a relationship based on reciprocal loyalty, transparency, substantiveness and cooperation.

Although the objectives pursued by Berco are those of rationalisation, economy and efficiency, it firmly believes in the reciprocal exchange of skills and information and the establishment of shared values, whilst avoiding dependency situations. Finally, the attention dedicated to ethical issues which, ceteris paribus, will result in the preferential selection of suppliers with a greater awareness and social responsibility.

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