Mining Dozer

Berco Mining Products offer an efficient, reliable and full-lifecycle range of undercarriage solutions for several needs and applications, including open pit mining, quarrying and high-volume earthmoving operations. Our line of components and undercarriage spare parts for bulldozers is designed for tracked dozers and mining machines ranging from 50 to 400 tons with 240-395 mm chain pitch.

The advantages of the Berco bulldozer track systems

Superior engineering and technology, comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art manufacturing ensure the highest quality. Our team of engineers is available to help you choose or design the most effective and efficient dozer undercarriage for your specific needs. Berco’s solutions for bulldozer tracks include:

  • Dry, greased, sealed & lubricated chains – Forged shoes for heavy-duty applications.
  • Track chains for special applications: large conveyor systems, pipeline handling, drilling machines, etc.
  • Track chains with “BPR2™” (Berco Pin Retention 2), which improves the working lifetime of the components of crawler bulldozers.

CAT® D11

Optimised design, quality of materials and precise control of each stage of the production process all contribute to improving the life of the undercarriage and reducing the total cost per hour. Berco provides the complete machine for CAT D11 application: track rollers, carrier rollers, segments, idlers, shoes and a complete renewed track chain. The track chain boasts a new design that guarantees to maximize the productivity of your operation taking care most deeply of lubrication of internal parts.
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Mining bulldozer undercarriage parts

Undercarriage systems for mining dozers

Crawler bulldozers for mining and quarry operations mainly assist with pushing, digging and leveling materials like soil and debris at a work site. They come with large, heavy blades in the front that push materials. Some track dozers come with other modifications like rippers in the rear to help break down tough ground.

Track group assembly

Chain features

  • Chain pitch ranging from 240-318 mm.
  • Newly developed sealing system and Berco positive pin retention (BPR2) provide maximized joint durability of Berco undercarriage parts for bulldozer.
  • Berco design extends chain life and allows to plan predictive maintenance with reusability of the inner components.

Shoe features

  • Single grouser common for mining dozer.
  • High grip required to push dirt.
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Track Roller

  • Rollers available as single and double flange options.
  • Rollers for mining track dozer are designed with dual journal shaft to reduce internal heat generation.
  • Rollers Shells are hardened to have wear resistance even in the most harsh terrain condition.
  • All rollers are available in the “all weather configuration” to provide the best performances also in arctic climates.

Cartridge Pin

  • Newly developed Sealing System providing superior performance for low radial and axial clearance.
  • State-of-the-art assembly process to ensure great operational results.
  • Cartridge pins outer diameter allows installation with specific press-fit.
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  • Fabricated idlers with special rim profile to optimize the strength and durability of the product.
  • Hot rolled rim with boron steel grade offer highly compact material, zero material defect and final heat treatment provide high wear resistance.
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  • Segment design for easier maintenance.
  • No need for track chain removal for replacement.
  • Forged part using Boron steel through hardening to maximize life.
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