Construction Excavator

Berco’s undercarriages for medium excavators offer the perfect response to the market’s needs, for both the OEM customers and the Aftermarket dealers, through a safe, reliable and cost-effective set of solutions for mid-sized construction excavators. The track-type machine classes range from 7 to 50 tons and 140-228.6 mm chain pitch, designed to meet the specific requirements of every customer.

The main strengths of Berco’s spare parts for medium-range excavator

The building and construction excavator line offers competitive and efficient undercarriage components and spare parts, providing the best value for money in the industry. Berco’s solutions for medium excavators guarantee the widest product range, minimized cost per hour, longer durability and best performance in the most demanding applications. Berco Medium Range includes:

  • Dry, greased, sealed or lubricated chain versions, heavy-duty chains, more than 11,000 configurations
  • Any configuration available with single, double or triple grousers
  • Special shoe options available with bent ends and poly pad
  • Single flange, double flange or inner flange rollers, more than 1,500 configurations
  • Multiple sprockets and segments product available for any type of final drive
  • Low and high-temperature versions for extreme applications
  • Excavator undercarriage for special applications: conveyor, pipeline handling, milling machines, forest machines, etc.

Medium excavator undercarriage components

Undercarriage systems for construction excavators

A medium excavator is an earthmoving machine that travels slowly and short distances. Its undercarriage moves for 10-20 % of SMU (Service Meter Unit) hours. Typically used on construction sites, this type of excavator is the ideal choice for many projects that require lifting or transporting large materials. As excavators for construction have high machine weight and high impact on the undercarriage during normal working conditions, Berco undercarriage parts for excavators offer remarkable wear-resistance, protecting the components from moisture, impacts and abrasion.

Track group assembly

Chain Features

  • Track link for medium excavator with optimized design in the main structural sections.
  • Pin and bushing with selected material and heat treatment for high load and high impact resistance.

Press-fit type master pin

  • Used in more severe applications, it requires a field press for the assembling procedure.

T-type master pin

  • Low severity application and service, which doesn’t require a field press for the assembling procedure.
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Track rollers and carrier rollers

  • Rollers for medium-range excavators are sealed for life using the most advanced sealing system solutions.
  • Roller shells are differential quenched to provide high wear resistance at the rail diameter and high mechanical strength at the inner diameter to avoid any kind of deformation under load.
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  • Idler and track adjusters for medium size excavators are designed to absorb any kind of external loads generated during the working conditions of the excavator.
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  • Cast sprocket for medium size excavator ideal for standard duty application.
  • Forged sprocket for HD and forestry applications.
  • Multiple drilling patterns to fit different final drive flanges.
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