Berco idlers

We place a high emphasis on wear resistance for Berco’s idlers. No matter if they are cast, fabricated or forged, our idlers for track-type machines offer high structural strength and wear resistance. The lubrication-sealing system ensures lifetime performance with no maintenance during tread life.
Supply Range
  • More than 900 different models for all types of equipment and applications.
  • Idlers for excavator, dozer and tracked vehicles weighing 1 to 330 tons.


Mining Dozer idlers

  • Fabricated idlers with special rim profile to optimize the strength and durability of the product.
  • Hot rolled rim with boron steel grade offer highly compact material, zero material defect and final heat treatment provide high wear resistance.

Mining Excavator idlers

  • Fabricated and sturdy idler design.
  • Unbeatable wear resistance.
  • Unique idler and track adjuster solution to ensure the right pretension of the chain.


Construction Dozer idlers

  • Idlers with brackets for medium-range dozers have an adjustable shimming system to reduce idler to frame clearance.
  • Rubber springs are also available for a better vehicle NVH.

Construction Excavator idlers

  • Idler and track adjusters for medium size excavators are designed to absorb any kind of external loads generated during the working conditions of the excavator.