Mining Excavator

Optimized design, quality of materials and precise control of every single production process all go together to improve the excavator track lifetime and reduce total cost per hour. The BOPIS Life system supports workshops in monitoring undercarriage condition and planning maintenance accordingly, thus ensuring maximum mining earth-moving machine operation.

A range of undercarriage spare parts for mining excavators.

With more than 100 years of experience in designing, developing and testing together with major global OEMs, Berco’s mining products and undercarriage parts for excavator track guarantee total quality and peace of mind to our customers in the toughest applications.

With a team of dedicated engineers, Berco is constantly pursuing excellence and innovation: the mining excavator undercarriages, developed specifically for mining applications, offer customers outstanding products of outstanding quality.

Liebherr R9250

Liebherr R 9250 mine excavators are widely spread in Africa and Asia, and are mainly operating in mines that require high "travelling rates", meaning frequent and prolonged transfers. The undercarriage in these conditions is highly stressed, therefore particularly robust components are required and that’s what Berco provides with its outstanding quality.

CAT 6020B

CAT 6020B is a 230-ton excavator at the very high end of the mining range. Berco is supplying a full range of undercarriage components which include track group assembly, track rollers, carrier rollers, the drive sprocket and idlers with supports. Berco product engineering team has developed a high content technical solution to cover all needs of mining excavators.

Mining excavator undercarriage parts

Undercarriage system of the Mining line

Excavators are popular earthmoving vehicles that feature a bucket, arm, rotating cab, and movable tracks. These components provide superior digging power and mobility, allowing this heavy equipment to perform a variety of functions, from digging trenches and breaking holes to lifting away waste and excavating mines. Thanks to our deep-rooted know-how in components manufacturing, Berco offers spare parts for complete mining excavator undercarriage systems.

Track group assembly

Chain Features

  • Chain pitch ranging from 318 | 350 | 395 mm.
  • Conventional chain design with forged track link and forged shoe plate.
  • Each component of the mining excavator track is designed with optimized steel grade and heat treatment to accomplish the “mission”.
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Track rollers and carrier rollers

  • Rollers are designed for the high-demanding duty cycle of a mining excavator.
  • Rollers are sealed for life using the most advanced sealing system solutions.
  • The usage of Boron steel grade and dedicated heat treatment devices provide superior mechanical resistance and excellent impact resistance of the excavator undercarriage.
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  • Fabricated and sturdy idler design.
  • Unbeatable wear resistance.
  • Unique idler and track adjuster solution to ensure the right pretension of the chain of the excavator track for mining applications.
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  • Cast sprocket is designed with an even number of teeth in order to provide high resistance to vertical loads for Berco excavator spare parts.
  • Special tooth profile offers anti-mud packing features.
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