Why working with us

Why working with us

Big group or crowd of isolated small people in a line

The role played by the approximately 2,400 people working in Berco’s 2 Italian factories and in its foreign branches spread across 7 countries in the world is of prime importance to the company. They are the most important resource the company has.

Working at Berco means being part of a group that, since1920, has been successfully meeting challenges thanks to the efforts and skill of its workforce, and which now has a worldwide leading role in the earth moving industry. It also means being part of thyssenkrupp, a quoted multinational company active in a variety of steel and engineering technology areas that offers an even wider range of professional growth opportunities for those who are prepared to move.

The opportunities of working across a wide range of professional areas, both functional and geographical allows the company to have a unique and truly international set of skills and experiences to offer.

The company culture is based on cooperation and mutual respect and is oriented towards a common goal: the manufacture of high quality products capable of bringing complete customer satisfaction.

Everybody working at Berco has the opportunity to develop their professional skills both “in the field” and through training. A life working at Berco means getting involved in a whole series of learning situations, be they classroom-based, on- the-job or structured skill development training schemes for personnel. Berco recognises the value of training as a key factor in a company’s success.